Enterprise IT for Small Business

Jambri LLC is an Information Technology Consulting Services organization that assists small to mid-level companies achieve enterprise-level infrastructure. We provide the design and implementation of servers, storage and application tiers for optimum performance. We can deliver unique and enterprise-level infrastructure at a fraction of the cost by leveraging Virtual Technologies.


Virtualization is our flagship offering. We have found that most organization have several services running on different platforms. Mail on one server, ERP on a desktop in a closet, and Document Management, unfortunately, on antiquated hardware. Using Virtualization we combine services on a single platform reducing hardware overhead and ease of management.

Virtualzation and the Cloud

Consistent Environments

Through implementation and deployment of common hardware, operating systems and software we can provide consistency across your infrastructure making it easy and cost effective to manage.

ITIL Certified

Jambri is certified in ITIL Service Delivery and is used exclusively to facilitate the entire process from concept through final deployment with process improvement built in for every critical service.

ITIL Service Delivery